General Questions

What is DatEat?

DatEat is the world’s first social blockchain platform that integrated the power of Blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and AI engine to create an intelligence, transparent, secure and compatible environment for users around the world.

DatEat makes networking and connecting easier for young adults around the world, provides activities and services for groups and societies, experts and professionals can share their experiences and knowledge to help build stronger communities, and finally, people can find the right helps at the right time.

July 2018, DatEat has proudly revealed our official ecosystem with the first 4 sectors including:

DatEat Live, DatEat Club, DatEat Premium, Defound

What is the background of the team behind DatEat project?

DatEat is developed by 5 groups of world-class researchers from Singapore, Vietnam, UK, USA, and France, with more than 16 years of experience in a wide range of expertise including technology, management, marketing, etc.

The team consists of online dating veterans, blockchain developers and marketing experts and community builders. The biggest advantage of this team lies in the fact that most team member has been with this project since the very beginning.

What actual problem does DatEat solve?

DatEat differentiate itself from other dating apps and social apps with its integration of blockchain technology. Not only does it solve the trust issue, it smooths out the transaction between users and our merchants.

DatEat ensures verification of users and merchants and every transaction would be as transparent as it could ever be.

DatEat also solves one of the biggest problem of any modern society – stress.

While many other activities also contribute to reduce the level of stressfulness, we need a platform that can help us connect with others with ease and offer as many dating options as possible. This may sound improbable in the past, but now with the presence of DatEat, we are strongly confident that the best solution to stress is about to become real.

How can I pay for DatEat (DTE) tokens?

DatEat will be going through 3 main stages: Private Sales, Pre-ICO and ICO. Investors can buy DTE tokens by different methods, depend on the stage at which the transactions take place.

The detail information on how to buy DTE tokens in each period will be available on the website:

How long does it take for the payment to arrive?

It depends on what payment method is used by the investors.

Sometimes it can be as fast as 5 minutes but typically, it should not take more than 48 hours on average.

How do I participate in the DatEat ICO?

The first thing and also the most important thing you will need is an DatEat account.

Go to and start registering for an account.

You can also have a look at the instruction below:


What are the Private Sales and ICO start and end dates?

Private Sales: March 15th,2018 to April 30th, 2018

Pre-ICO: May 9th, 2018 to May 29th, 2018

ICO – First Round: June 05th, 2018 to June 26th, 2018

ICO – Second Round: June 27th, 2018 to July 23rd, 2018

ICO – Third Round: July 24th, 2018 to August 30th, 2018

Which currency do you accept?

Currently ETH, BTC and NTY

Can I participate in the DTE ICO without creating an Ethereum address?

Detailed information and instruction on how to buy DTE token during ICO will be revealed on our official website and media channels soon.

When will I get my DTE tokens?

You will receive your DTE tokens right after we receive payments from you (depending on the method of transaction)

Do you have a limit for the funds you want to collect?

In the total of 500 million DTE tokens in circulation worldwide, DatEat will distribute 200 million token during our ICO periods:

Soft Cap: 3 million US dollars

Hard Card: 23 million US dollars

Does DatEat have a minimum amount of funds you have to collect and what will happen if you fail to collect it?

Our Soft Cap (equivalent to the minimum amount of fund DatEat needs to reach) is 3 million US dollars.

If the soft cap is not reached, funds will be returned to the participants.

When will you list on public exchange?

DatEat first public exchange is projected to be in October, 2018

How will you account for the price changes in ETH with regards to the amount of tokens that are being distributed?

Not relevant. DTE price is not fixed to a certain ETH price

How will I receive the DTE tokens and when?

DTE tokens will be transferred straight to your DatEat Account after your payment is cleared.

Is there a personal cap?

No. But notice that there will only be a certain amount of DTE tokens distributed during our ICO periods.

Is there any policy to remain the price floor of DTE?

No. The prices for DTE token are set for each ICO period (for more information visit our website

Once it goes public, we do not interfere with the market price.

How does DatEat incorporate blockchain technology?

DatEat differentiate itself from other online dating apps by integrated the Blockchain technology. The power of Blockchain technology will not only strengthen the security but also the transparency of the platform, as well as supporting the loyalty point program - DTE Token.

Each and every transaction will be recorded and encrypted on DatEat platform which is fully secured and private for all users.

How will the DatEat token be used?

DTE token features a variety of functionalities on DatEat platform as a loyalty program. Users can use DTE Token to exchange for goods and services provided by our partners. Besides, merchants can also issue vouchers or all kinds of promotion in the form of DTE.

How does DatEat incorporate AI/Machine Learning technology?

Based on information provided by users as well as adapting their languages, our AI and Machine Learning technology will be able to give advices for conversations, locations and actions in which suitable for certain circumstances.

How will you attract users to the DatEat app?

DatEat is not only a perfect solution for dating, it also help connecting people around the world. By creating an "all-in-one" platform, DatEat will provide users with instant and effective experiences.

Moreover, DatEat will help erasing the barriers of distance by cooperating and bringing merchants all over the world into its platform.